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    Friends of Elmbrook Little League

    Thank you to our "Friends of Elmbrook Little League" for all of your support!

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    New sessions added this Sunday, June 24th

    Still need to fulfill your volunteer hours?  New Concessions sessions have been added this Sunday, June 24th during Majors and Juniors Tournaments and we need your help filling them.

    As a reminder, four hours for the first player in a family and 2 additional hours for each additional child are required.

    Contact Stacy with any questions.

    Custodial and Maintenance items added to DIBS

    For those who would like to fulfill their volunteer credits with either custodial (cleaning) or maintenance (repairs) work,  a bunch of jobs have been added to the DIBS section.

    If you have any questions about the jobs, contact Ed Griggs, Facilitites manager at .

    Mitchell Park Recycling

    Please remember that the collection and processing of the recyclables within the ballpark is done by volunteers who have to hand pick non-recyclables out of the receptacles. Please recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans only - no foil, juice boxes, popcorn boxes or candy wrappers. Absolutely no bubble gum or food.



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