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    Volunteer opportunities

    Custodial and maintenance tasks are being made available to substitute for concessions duty hours. At this time only restroom cleaning is available. Other tasks will be added in the near future.

    To sign up for restroom cleaning, follow the link below. Cleaning days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Adjustments will be made via email in the case of rainouts.

    Printable instructions are also linked below. The job should be expected to require approximately 1.5 hours and will count as 2 hours concessions duty.

    Other custodial and maintenance tasks

    No tasks have been added yet.

    Ed Griggs

    Facilities Manager

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    Friends of Elmbrook Little League

    Thank you to our "Friends of Elmbrook Little League" for all of your support!

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    Elmbrook Little League  
    13425 Watertown Plank Road P.O. Box 255  
    Elm Grove, WI 53122